Food Waste Facts

Food: We all Purchase It, Consume It and Discard It

Everyone eats out at some point, grocery shops, prepares food at home and unfortunately discards food. Do you know how much food waste is created each year? During a recent Indiana Recycling Coalition webinar, it was stated that approximately 30-40% of our food is wasted each year. That’s approximately 400 pounds per person per year!

There are two categories that discarded food falls into: Food waste is food you could eat, but it may not be desirable while wasted food is food that could be eaten, but simply isn’t. There are ways to reduce this waste. Instead of overbuying food for yourself or your family, just buy only what you need. This reduces the amount of food that isn’t eaten or spoils before it can be eaten. If there is food that you will not need, you can donate it to a food rescue group. Have livestock? Some foods can be fed to those animals. A last option is nutrient cycling also commonly called food waste composting.

Want to learn more? The webinar below has a wealth of information on what food waste is, how it is created and how we can reduce it.