Ashley Convenience Center

Program Fees
NISWMD is not equipped to handle credit or debit cards.
Fees must be paid with cash or check.

Ashley Convenience Center  |  2320 W 800 S  |  Ashley, IN 46705

Paint, Oil and Chemical Collection Program

Fridays (excluding holidays) 8am to 12pm.

Used Motor Oil
Other Automotive Fluids
Gas & Oil Mixed
Latex & Oil Base Paints
Thinners & Strippers

Asphalt Sealers
Roofing Tar
Cleaning Fluids
Oven Cleaners
Granular Chemicals
Household Cleaners

Pet Shampoos & Sprays
Fertilizers, Lawn & Farm
Pool Chemicals
Weed Killers
Bug Sprays
Aerosol Cans

Small Amount: $5.00 per vehicle.
Medium Amount: $10.00 per vehicle
Large Amount: $20.00 up to a pickup
Pickup truck & trailer: not to exceed $60.00
Drums of oil will be a separate charge of $20.00 per drum

Appliances, Batteries, Bulbs, Tires & Electronics Collection Program

Fridays (excluding holidays) 8am to 12pm.

Appliances – NO appliances with FREON
Metal appliances only – No Charge

Lead Acid Batteries – $1.00 each
Household Batteries – No Charge
Propane Tanks – $5.00 each
Fire Extinguishers – $5.00 each
Finished Compost – $10.00 per cubic yard district wide

Fluorescent Bulbs – 4ft. – $0.25  |  6& 8ft. – $0.50
LED & Compacts (spiral shaped bulbs) – $.50 each

Car/Small Truck – $7.00 each
Large Truck/Semi – $10.00 each
Tractor/Heavy Equipment – $25.00 each



Program Hours: Fridays (excluding holidays) 8:00am to 12pm.

Schedule of Fees:

Televisions: $7 (under 32″), $15 (over 32″) or $25 (projection/console).

Item Cost Per Item
CPU $7.00
Monitor $7.00
Laptop $7.00
Microwaves $7.00
Printer $7.00
iPad/iPod No Charge
Mouse No Charge
Gaming Systems No Charge
External Modem No Charge
DVD Player No Charge
VCR No Charge
Item Cost Per Item
CD Player No Charge
Cassette/Tape Deck No Charge
Telephone/Cell Phone No Charge
Answering Machine No Charge
Fax Machine No Charge
Stereo Receiver No Charge
Keyboard No Charge
Fax Machine No Charge
Battery Back-up System No Charge
Scanner No Charge
Fax Machine No Charge
Projector No Charge
Radio/Stereo No Charge

Residential Solid Waste (Trash)

Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays 8am to 4pm

Contact: 260-927-4337

Level Pickup – Any size – $50.00
Overfull Pickup – Any size – $60.00
Dump Trucks or Trailers – $22.00 per cubic yard
Furniture, Chairs, Sofas, Mattresses & Box Springs (per piece) – $20.00 each
Barrel – $5.00 each
Trash Bags – Small | $2.00 each – Medium | $3.00 each – Large | $5.00 each
Metal & Metal Appliances – no charge

How to figure cubic yards: L x W x H / 27

Ashley Convenience Center Compost Site

Contact: 260-927-4337

Operating Schedule and Costs

Brush and Leaves

Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm

Self-Service Drop-Off


Monday/Tuesday/Friday 8am to 4pm
Wednesday/Thursday 2pm to 7pm

Operator on site for loading.
COST: $15.00 per cubic yard


Monday/Tuesday/Friday 8am to 4pm

Operator on site for loading.
Loading Fee: $15.00

Please remember to call our office ahead of time at 260-587-3063 to verify that the site is staffed for loading and to check on compost and mulch availability.