How To Prepare HHW Items

I Want to Bring My HHW Materials, but How Do I Prepare Them?


Cleaning out the garage or shed is a sure sign of spring. With the spring like weather we have already experienced, you may have put this chore on your to-do list. Once you’ve cleaned, you’ll likely have a pile of unused paint, lawn chemicals and other items. You know you can bring these items to the Ashley Convenience Center, but you aren’t sure how to best prepare the materials to bring. Staff recognizes that it can be confusing and we want to make this recycling process as easy as it can be. For helpful tips and instructions on preparing and bringing items to the Ashley Convenience Center’s HHW program, we have put together a short how-to video. You can view the video by clicking the graphic below.

Still have a few questions? Check out our informational page on the HHW program.