It Can All Be Recycled Right?

It Can All Be Recycled, Right? Only if it’s Recycled Right! 


Recycling seems like it should be a no brainer. Throw those paper products, jars, cans and plastics into the recycling bin and they get transported, sorted and recycled. Recycling in this manner can lead to wishcycling. Wishcycling is putting items into the recycling bin instead of the waste bin when you aren’t sure if the item is really recyclable or not. Some items you may not be surprised to find that they aren’t recyclable but other items may be things you always place in your recycling bin.

Our friends at the Indiana Recycling Coalition presented a fantastic free webinar last week on Recycling Right. This webinar focused on items that can be recycled and how and items that should really be thrown in the waste bin instead of your recycling bin. Taking the time to learn more ensure that your recycling efforts are lauding the biggest results, will ensure that you are recycling right.