Recycling Programs

Recycling Drop-Off Locations

The District operates drop-off recycling stations throughout its four counties. These locations offer residents an opportunity to recycle at their convenience as locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Recently the recycling program transitioned to single-stream recycling. What is single-stream recycling? It simply means that all accepted items can go in the same bin. No more sorting! Accepted items include:

  • Aluminum and Steel/Tin Cans-soft drink and beer cans, fruit and vegetable cans, aluminum foil, pie or dinner trays. Please rinse free of debris
  • Glass bottles and jars – remove lids and rinse free of debris
  • Plastic bottles labeled #1 or #2 – Typically milk jugs, water bottles, soda bottles and detergent type bottles. The bottom of the container will be labeled with a #1 or a #2. Remove lids and/or pumps. Rinse and flatten.
  • Cardboard and Chipboard – Cardboard boxes and packaging, food cartons, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, etc. Please flatten.
  • Newspapers and Magazines – Items can be bundled in PAPER bags or remain loose before placing in bin
  • Household batteries – household batteries can be placed in the designated and labeled box. Household batteries include standard, rechargeable and button batteries. Please do not leave car batteries or PowerWheel batteries.

Drop-off Locations:


  • Auburn – 19th Street at the Highway Department
  • Butler – Street Department on Depot Street
  • Garrett – N. Cowan Street – parking lot of Garrett Recycling Center


  • Albion – Behind the County Highway Dept
  • Avilla – Water Department on 4th Street
  • Kendallville – Street Department on Weston Avenue
  • Ligonier – US 6 just west of SR 5
  • Rome City – Street Department on Kerr Avenue


  • LaGrange – LaGrange Convenience Center
  • Shipshewana – SR 5 at the Police/EMT Garage
  • Topeka – West Lake Street


  • Angola – Yard Waste Compost Lot at 175 N
  • Ashley – NISWMD offices
  • Fremont – Albion and Bell
  • Hamilton – Town Hall on SR 427 South
  • Orland – Bunch’s Shop Rite